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A Make-Do Christmas by KikitoSan A Make-Do Christmas :iconkikitosan:KikitoSan 8 8
hurtful and worrisome,
this fear devours my skin
it tortures my soul
consumes it, makes it so thin
that i can't let it go.
tortured eyes,
tons of spice,
a fear scary indeed.
an angst and a doubt and a worry
that shakes up my bones from within.
:iconkikitosan:KikitoSan 4 0
sketches by KikitoSan sketches :iconkikitosan:KikitoSan 0 3
our insanity
he painted the walls red with my blood,
took hold of my soul and never let go;
i love him, he loved me,
a love beyond time.
his beautiful sadness got the best of my rhymes.
the words are so simple; yet nothing can say
'i love you' more than his eyes did that day
i miss you. i miss you.
came back wanting more.
come hug me. come hold me.
kiss me once more.
i'm desperate, you're lonely
best timing, indeed,
come love me. i love you.
love me like you did.
:iconkikitosan:KikitoSan 2 1
Swamp Nymph by KikitoSan Swamp Nymph :iconkikitosan:KikitoSan 3 8 Mini Muffin by KikitoSan Mini Muffin :iconkikitosan:KikitoSan 0 0 Landscape practice by KikitoSan Landscape practice :iconkikitosan:KikitoSan 0 0 tree by KikitoSan tree :iconkikitosan:KikitoSan 3 7 MLP:FiM Original Character II by KikitoSan MLP:FiM Original Character II :iconkikitosan:KikitoSan 0 3 MLP:FiM Original Character by KikitoSan MLP:FiM Original Character :iconkikitosan:KikitoSan 1 0 Diablo III: DEMON HUNTER by KikitoSan Diablo III: DEMON HUNTER :iconkikitosan:KikitoSan 8 3
A Dialouge with God
"I never liked the tropics. I had always prefered the nice and warm mountain cottages, sitting by the fire, reading a good novel and drinking hot coffee with my wife on a snowy evening.
That's what we did last year. A tiny vacation, away from the kids, who have grown so much and who now have their own families; away from the city and smoke; away from everything and everyone.
I asked my wife if she would want us to go back to the mountain cottage once again this year, but she said no.
"We have to visit a different place. It's good for you."
Of course it's good for me. I had lung cancer and she was worried that the cold air would worsen my condition. She didn't even try to hear me when I told her that the colder the air is, the fresher my sick organs felt it. I thought the winter air was good for me, but she didn't. As a good husband I didn't oppose to that. She had enough worries on her hands to feel a guilt in her heart.
So we went to Hawaii or someplace near Hawaii - I don't remember
:iconkikitosan:KikitoSan 0 0
My oxygen.
He clenched my hand. Maybe he was scared, or maybe he thought I was scared. But it didn't matter.
All I cared about was that every time he held my hand my skin felt warm and my breath and heart stopped for a second and I was the only one in the world to feel this moment of tranquility in my body. A moment of silence, when my lungs and heart and brain had stopped and when I could feel the blood rushing through my veins.
He was the only thing to keep me alive. My oxygen.
:iconkikitosan:KikitoSan 1 0
MAX PAYNE 3 Fan Art by KikitoSan MAX PAYNE 3 Fan Art :iconkikitosan:KikitoSan 2 0
Writer's Memories
I go in the bathroom
for one last goodbye.
Every water drop is a lost thought,
a peace of mind,
an unspoken dream;
I still hear the light humming
of my favorite songs,
bouncing gracefully off the walls,
echoeing inside my messy head.
I still feel the hot steam
and the cold water running down my spine;
I will always remember
the whispers of this room,
the hundred tears and the million laughs.
And when I'm old,
and when my days are crumbling,
and when my skin is wrinkled,
when my hands are weak,
when I'm all alone,
This is what I will remember,
my youth, my loves, my hopes, my all,
wrapped up in the water drops.
The memory will burn my skin
and a smile will be sealed upon my face
and with a single laugh
I will fall in Death's grace.
:iconkikitosan:KikitoSan 1 3
The Optimist and the Pessimist
As we both walk down this garden, me being the Optimist and you - the Pessimist,
I see the moss-covered stone path beneath our feet,the snow-white tulips and blood-red roses,
opening up towards the smiling sun; I hear the beautiful chirp of sparrows and other small birds;
I smell the warming scent of freshly baked bread
and I feel the tickling sensation of butterflies in my stomach,
as you grimly take my hand.
I smile and look at you, my darling Pessimist,
and I see this garden through your eyes:
You see the dead tree on our right,
a crunched little innocent bug and a couple of passing dark clouds;
You hear a faint yell from across the street;
you smell the rotten mood of others,
but you also feel my eyes all over your face.
And, despite your bitter frown,
I perfer the way you see our garden.
It's so painfully realistic, that it fills my hear with joy.
And, my dear little darling, I wouldn't be anywhere else in this world;
No other garden can be as ugly as this one
and still make me sm
:iconkikitosan:KikitoSan 9 12
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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Hello darlings.
Literature is my passion. I love writing & reading, I also paint, engage in crafts and bake sweets from time to time. I'm on a mission to find peace and obtain knowledge. I love studying and I love libraries; I also love myself. What an unbelievable narcissist I am, mind you. Don't be afraid to drop a line sometime. xoxo


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